Its all About Music

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Its all about music, about feelings, about energy. Habemus is focused on electronic sounds at the night sets and Balearica on sunset performances. House, Melodica, Desert, Deep, Intelligent Dance Music, any electronic style is welcome if it is genuine and not commercial. It's just about offering new and quality music to listeners, being a DJ at the service of the customer, offering a great party or some good vibes. If you want reggaeton, this is not your place.

Its all about the selection, Habemus works as a musical selector for different brands, spaces, and enterprises. The process is always the same, to make a precise study of the company and its competition, its needs, target, objectives, and image. Once the research is done, we select the music that best suits your profile to create comfortable ambiances, to offer a homogeneous brand image or to improve the provided service.